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  介绍雅虎替身邮   当您不想透露真实雅虎邮箱地址时,可以创建并使用替身邮地址。发送到您的任何一个替身邮地址的邮件都会自动送入您的雅虎邮箱,您可以自己设定这些邮件到特定的文件夹,还可以设置特殊的颜色标记。同时您可以轻松将其删除,今后再发到该地址的邮件会被退回,以避免占用您的邮箱空间.     Advertisements

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Travel tip‏

  Men can carry two wallets. Carry an expensive wallet in your hip pocket with about $20 in cash and some expired credit cards. This is the one you hand over if you are accosted. Your real credit cards and … Continue reading

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    click Start, In the Start Search box, type task scheduler. Then, in the Programs list, click Task Scheduler. 每个服务的解释在。然后禁用你不想自动运行的服务。   关于一些服务的关闭 1. 关闭Volume Shadow Copy服务,在Vista里很多文件、文件夹看属性里都有一个 早期版本 选项,我想这个功能对绝大多数人都没有用吧?Win+R打开services.msc ,找到Volume Shadow Copy,设置为禁用 2. 关闭所有分区的系统还原:在我的电脑 属性 高级里关闭所有分区的系统还原 3. 关闭所有分区的 磁盘清理 计划任务,在盘符上点属性,找到磁盘整理,把“计划磁盘整理”的钩去掉 … Continue reading

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Peer to peer lending

  person to person loans    

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More profit from flat panels‏

  Getting audio sales, overall margins on audio attachment are 30%-40% range….   Audio should be in the picture from the get-go. “ You shouldn’t be showing any one a panel without demoing audio at same time”  leaving it to … Continue reading

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Flat Panel sale – The “accessory” sale‏

  Universal remote: we ask customer, “what are you going to do with the five remotes? Do you really want your kids calling you at work to ask you how to do this and do that?” It helps lead into … Continue reading

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How Good Is Canadian Health Care? 2008 Report   The peer-reviewed study, How Good is Canadian Health Care? compares Canada to other OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries that guarantee access to health care insurance regardless of ability to pay. Twelve indicators of access … Continue reading

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