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如何卖Extended Warranty

A value-add service, not an extra fee service The sales approach needs to change from a negative where the consumer gets the impression that the product will break down, to one where the consumer is given a choice. It’s a … Continue reading

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Cruise cruise竞标网站,里面的这家代理一般出价较低 是网上讨论Cruise旅游的最大论坛,关于目的地港口的活动安排讨论十分活跃,大致看看,就知道你想要参加的活动了。   游轮公司内部有自己的价格分类代码,比如Cat: L,这往往代表同样价格的一类船舱,参考网站是: ITA的机票Search Engine Farecast is the only website to offer predictions on when is the best time to purchase airline tickets,核心功能就是机票搜索和预测 各种Travel网站链接:

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