要tethering不被额外收费的话,jailbreak, use myfi, and specify apn: pda.bell.ca

根据这,Any data used through inet.bell.ca should be counted as tethering,http://support.bell.ca/en-on/Mobility/Smartphones_and_mobile_internet/How_to_configure_a_mobile_phone_or_smartphone_for_the_Bell_Mobility_HSPA_network?step=3

Bell的carrier.plist file是这样设的:iphones are set to APN pda2.bell.ca. If Hotspot is enabled, it automatically reverts to inet.bell.ca,可以进Field Test mode查看,*3001#12345#* Then press dial and the phone will enter field test mode,To get out of the field test mode, just hit the home button.

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