example of bidding from EWR to LAX, consider the following:

On the Priceline home page for airfare, notice under the “from” and “to” box it says “city or airport.” Rather than only typing in an airport (EWR, JFK, LGA, etc) you can type any city within the metro Newark area. For example, entering Elizabeth, NJ will display all the NY-area airports, and you simply select EWR and LAX if those are your choices of airports to fly into/out of. If your Elizabeth, NJ bid is rejected, start from scratch on the Priceline home page, only this time enter: Rahway, NJ. Again, Priceline will display all the NY-area airports. The same theory applies if you enter Van Nuys, Pasadena, Santa Monica, CA, etc, as either your origin/destination city. All the LAX-area airports will display.

Entering any city within the metropolitan area of the airport you’re flying into/out of will afford you unlimited rebid possibilitiesSmile. The key is to start every bid from scratch after each rejection of your previous bid.



更重要的是通过Tax/Fee给出的估算可以预计Priceline给的是Non-Stop或者One-Stop Flight Winking smile 

1) Non-Stop both directions (closer to $20)
2) Non-Stop and One-Stop (doesn’t matter which direction — you couldn’t choose anyway) (closer to $30)
3) One-Stop both directions (closer to $40)
Priceline will take the tax amount and add their fee. Their fee varies, but it is close to $8 per ticket currently

一个很有意思的表格,把世界GDP超过1000亿美金的行政区单列出来Flirt male 中国很多省份名列其中




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